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Virtual Lifeline is an American Boating & Yacht Council (ABYC) A-33 compliant wireless lanyard system that works in conjuction with your current “kill switch” to expand the level of man overboard (MOB) protection. This cost effective, highly reliable MOB safety system is one every boat operator should have.  Virtual Lifeline is designed for those who understand the importance of wearing their traditional tether. But, also recognize there are times you must un-hook, keep the motors running and attend to other duties. Unfortunately, these scenarios leave you unprotected and exposed to the hazards associated with MOB events.  With Virtual Lifeline wireless lanyard system, you can un-tether, move freely about the boat and be confident you now have superior wireless lanyard protection.


  • Trolling, pulling in fish, traps, pots and buoys
  • Miscellaneous maintenance
  • Working over the gunwales
  • Boarding another vessel
  • As well as any other type of activity while the vessel is at slow or idle speeds

Virtual Lifeline wireless lanyard system easily interfaces into your boat’s ignition system. This (ABYC) A-33 compliant installation ensures each emergency shut off device remains independent and maintains the integrity of all other onboard systems. However, once power is supplied, Virtual Lifeline wireless lanyard system partners with the onboard kill switch. Until the motor is turned off, both systems will work in harmony providing you and/or your passengers with effective and proven MOB protection.  How it Works:  Virtual Lifeline wireless lanyard system provides protection for everyone on board. Each person (pets too!) wears a small, durable, reusable sensor. Upon submersion, the sensor immediately activates- sending a signal to the onboard control module, which sounds an alarm and shuts off the motor.  It’s that simple! Virtual Lifeline wireless lanyard system comes with one sensor but additional sensors can be ordered separately. There is no limit to the amount of sensors that can be used per system. The average life of each sensor is 3-4 years before the sealed battery requires replacement.

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